Jeanne Lanvin


Jeanne-Marie Lanvin, a French designer born in Paris January 1st, 1867 and died July 6th 1956, founded the Lanvin fashion house. She was one of the most significant fashion designers during the twenties and thirties. Her style is known for her skillful embroidery, beaded decorations, and light floral colors. She was known especially for her robe de style dresses and mother-and-daughter outfits. She not only designed women’s clothing, but designed men’s clothing and made perfume. Lanvin remains a well-known and influential fashion house.


One response to “Jeanne Lanvin

  1. Whoa, this article really caught my attention. Jeanne Lanvin passed away the day I was born. Sort of gives a person an eerie feeling. A side from her passing. Her designs were lovely. The elaborate embroidery designs, soft colors, and exquisite looking fabrics. I am sure the world of design was more enriched having Ms. Lanvin live to be 89.

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